Christmas and New Year Holidays

Noah School has planned an exciting agenda for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. The school has organized a variety of activities that students and staff can participate in.

To start off the festivities, the school will be having a Christmas caroling event. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their singing talents and spread the holiday cheer around the school.

The school will also be holding a Christmas decoration contest. Students will be able to decorate their classrooms and showcase their creativity. The winners will be announced at the end of the contest and will receive a special prize.

For New Year’s Eve, the school has planned a party for all students and staff. There will be music, games, and delicious food for everyone to enjoy. The celebration will end with a countdown to midnight and a fireworks display.

Throughout the holiday season, the school will also be conducting charity events to give back to the community. Students and staff will be able to donate to various organizations and participate in volunteer work.

Overall, Noah School’s holiday agenda promises to be exciting and fun-filled. It is a great way to bring the school community together and celebrate the joyous season.


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